New upgrade 800ml dental oral irrigator water floss oral irrigator home oral irrigator 5 kinds of rinsing nozzle

New upgrade 800ml dental oral irrigator water floss oral irrigator home oral irrigator 5 kinds of rinsing nozzle



Product Description

Product Details:

High-pressure pulse water floss] more effectively eliminate stains between teeth. 360‘ã for deep cleaning nozzles, controlling plaque and tartar, whitening, gum care, and sensitivity relief rotary nozzles
[Deleting Plauqe and reducing gingivitis]: The WaterPulse water flossing device uses a unique combination of water pressure and pulsation of 61% to reduce gingivitis and not just flossing. Compared to other brands of floss, the effect of reducing gum bleeding is twice. The oral irrigator easily removes any substance that sticks between the teeth in seconds, so it provides excellent water flossing performance, which improves gum health and achieves good oral hygiene.
[Efforts to Solve Oral Diseases]: Our oral irrigators are dedicated to alleviating various oral diseases, including dental implants/orthodontics/plaques/gum problems/bad breath/fangs that are harmful to our health. Sticking to the floss stick can help treat the various oral problems listed above, helping us stay away from the dentist and save on medical expenses.
[Custom and powerful pressure]: With 10 water pressure settings (range 20-120 PSI). Test different water pressures to find a comfortable environment for your teeth and gums. The powerful water pressure will make everything disappear between the teeth and under the gum line, and traditional brushing and flossing cannot be achieved.
[Family Tips]: Multi-function 5 features include 3 nozzles to clean the area where the toothbrush is not easily accessible; 1 tongue cleaner supports cleaning of the coating and bacteria on the tongue; 1 orthodontic tip removes food from the holder Residue; 1 plaque reminds to remove plaque and food residue in hard-to-reach areas; 1 Periodontal irrigation and massage deep in the gums. The best choice for dental floss throughout the home. More effective in improving gum health implants Dentists recommend daily use of oral irrigators to promote the health of teeth and gums and reduce the risk of gum disease. For those who don’t like flossing, water spray is the ideal choice. For those who want deep cleaning, the faucet is simply not available.

Voltage: 100-240 V.

Frequency: 20-60Hz

Input power 12 W

Hydraulic: 20-120PSI

Mode: 10 levels of pressure regulation

Tank capacity: 800 ml

Color: blue / green / purple
(Color difference may exist due to different display resolutions)

Adapter plug: EU/UK/US/AU
(Please select the appropriate adapter plug according to your country)

Package Included:

1 x oral irrigator

5 water nozzles

1 adapter

1 x English manual

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