Mini Stun Gun – 65 BV Max Power

Mini Stun Gun – 65 BV Max Power

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Product Description

One of the Most Powerful Stun Gun When you need it the Gladiator is ready to deliver a stunning blow to any attacker. When used on an attacker, the attacker loses total control of his muscles in addition to an awful mental devastation. In most cases, the attacker vomit, defecate or urinate upon getting zapped. The effect of a ΒΌ second of contact with the stun gun can cause induce severe pain into the attacker and also cause contraction of the muscle. One second of contact with the stun gun can also induce severe seizure of the muscles. The attacker can remain on the ground for up to 10 minutes as a result of the shock and muscle seizure. The effect of a 5 second contact is similar to that of a person falling from a two-story building and landing on the street.
YOUR SAFETY COMES FIRST! This stun gun is equipped with a safety pin attached to a wrist strap. When the safety pin is pulled out out of the stun gun, the stun gun cannot be fired. If the assailant tries to get the stun gun away from you, the pin will detach, rendering the stun gun inoperable.
Blinding LED Flashlight. The flashlight function is not limited to giving sufficient light if you are in a dark place but you can temporarily blind your attacker.
Heavy Duty Nylon Holster with a Belt Strap for easy attachment to your belt.
Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery. Just recharge its internal rechargeable battery once in 5 months