Function Key Head Bluetooth Transmitter Rcm Charger One Injector

Function Key Head Bluetooth Transmitter Rcm Charger One Injector



Product Description

Support system-wide version, region-wide FOR SWITCH

Support for native payload. bin injection files

Built-in lithium batteries, one charge to support thousands of injections

Built-in Atmosphere, ReiNX, SXOS injection files, one-click switching

Update management is convenient. Connecting computer automatically identifies as U disk, copy and paste can be updated.

Strong compatibility, support Windows, OS, Linux, Android and other systems

Technical specifications:


Compatible with Windows/OS/Linux/Android and other systems

Battery: built-in 45mAh lithium battery

One thousand payloads per hour of charging

Full standby time for three months

Interface and peripheral: Micro-USB master port

Type-C Head

Colorful LED lamp

Function key

Reset hole

Usage method:

Copy the SD card file to the microSD root directory FOR SWITCH.

MicroSD cards recommend using exFAT format to support files larger than 4G.

Insert RCMloader into FOR SWITCH host for charging.

FOR SWITCH starts, RCMloader inserts into the host, full of electricity will turn on the white light, press the FOR SWITCH power button for 7 seconds, and choose to shut down.

Insert RCMloader and RCMclip into FOR SWITCH host.

The charged RCM loader is inserted into the Type-C port, and the RCM lip is inserted into the bottom of the right handle groove.

Hold down the volume + key FOR SWITCH, then press the power key to enter the homemade system.

After entering the self-made system, the RCMloader injector and RCMclip short-circuit rod can be pulled out.

Packing contents:

1X RCM loader ONE injector

1X RCMclip Short Circuit Bar

1X Micro USB cable

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Arrived on time and as described.


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