2020 hot Women’s Self-defense Tools Remote Electric Shock Stun Gun Super High Pressure Super Bright Flashlight Multi-function Mini Rechargeable Taser Rechargeable Super Bright Supplies

2020 hot Women’s Self-defense Tools Remote Electric Shock Stun Gun Super High Pressure Super Bright Flashlight Multi-function Mini Rechargeable Taser Rechargeable Super Bright Supplies



Product Description

This link is divided into 3 different products: Product A / Product B/ Product C

Product A Description:
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Anti-riot device
The electronic riot device has high-voltage pulse electric shock and strong light illumination function, and is a VISIon device that defends the mission of various industries.
Electronic anti-riot products, ABS engineering plastics or common metal external devices, the internal components of the imported components of the original fully enclosed high-voltage generator, and the composition of rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries, using advanced pulse technology.
Key indicators
1, the power supply voltage: 3.6V-72V
2, output pulse high voltage: 800KV-3600KV
3, current consumption: s 1.9A (impact time)
≤0.8A (illuminance)
4, ambient temperature: -25 ° C ~ 55 ° C
5. Relative humidity: 30 ° C (20-30)%

How to use and precautions
1, shock pm: press the shock button
2, lighting: press the lighting button
3. Some products require turning the power switch or inserting a rear bumper into the product.
4, charging time is 3-5 hours, can not be used when charging
5, rechargeable battery self-discharge characteristics, as well as memory function, new equipment should check self-defense charging, but charging will not take too long 6, electronic riot device for more than one month of long-term storage, monthly charging should Be released once, in order to extend the battery Life, should be completed by electrical lighting before charging
7, the bulb is a spiral structure or plug structure, easy to replace 8, electronic riot device should not be stored in a humid place, do not sun, raindo do not put ultra-low temperature environment
9, in order to extend the service life, should try to avoid electric shock for more than 30 seconds
10. It is forbidden to make electric shock to metal objects.
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Product B Description:
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Product B Description:
Electronic riot device user manual
The electronic riot device includes a stun device, a laser, a powerful LED light (optional), an alarm (optional) and a transmitter. It is exquisite, compact and lightweight, easy to carry and use, and allows attackers to use self- Defense or law enforcement instruments within 5 years of age.
Product specifications:
1. Power supply: 4.8V nickel-cadmium battery
2. Output voltage: 80KV
3. Size: 38X65X160mm
4. Effective range: within 5 meters (best 2.5-3 meters)
5. Penetration ability: wear normal clothes
6. Safety switch: Yes
Hold the device and install the starter.
2. Turn on the safety switch, aim with the laser sight, and press the start button.
3. There is no transmitter, it can be used as a normal stun device.
4. Turn off the safety switch after use. Do not discharge
Continuous for more than 30 seconds to extend the life of the device.
5. Connect the charger to the charging jack of the device and plug in the power plug
Charge it to an electrical outlet and the charging indicator will charge
Turn red. Please use only the dedicated charger to avoid running out of battery
It has been damaged.
6. The charging time is 5 hours for the first use and 4 hours for the normal use.
Do not use this device while charging.
2. Stay away from children.
3. Do not discharge any metal objects, children or personnel
Heart condition and any important part of the body.
4. Avoid pointing the laser at the eye.
5. This device is only allowed to be carried by adults over 18 years old.
Year old.
6. The purchaser can only use the device in a legal manner
National defense or law enforcement. The purchaser should agree to hold
Importers, distributors and retailers are harmless to any illegal or illegal business
Abuse of this product.
Products and accessories
1.Stun equipment
2.Launcher (3)
4. Gift box
5. User Manual
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Product C Description:
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100% Brand New and High Quality
Power supply voltage: 4.8V
Output shock voltage: 80 million volts
Current consumption:> 6.5A
Dimensions: length 18cm
Diameter: 4cm
Launch distance: ≥7m (within 5 meters best)
Ambient temperature: -25 ℃ ~ 55 ℃
Relative humidity: 30 ℃
Material: ABS plastic imports
Packing Weight: 450g (Contains inside 1 Electric Shock ,3 Heads)
Self-defense equipment products, in case of critical head can shoot 10 meters electric shock, high-end hand-held long-range electronic anti-riot, laser sighting, for security, imported professional long-range lightning bodyguard 10 meters
Packing Include:
1 x Electric Shock
3 x Heads
1 x Zipper box packaging
For the country: the United States regulations, the European rules (British rules, Australian regulations delivery conversion plug)